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25 November 2022 Prelaten – Tromsø
26 November 2022 Prelaten – Tromsø
01 December 2022 Torsdagsklubben – Prelaten, Tromsø
02 December 2022 Prelaten, Tromsø

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Trancelantis: Adam Ellis / Driv

Welcome to the northernmost trance concept in the world(?)! Trancelantis returns for the 6th Edition in the arctic city, Tromsø!We are very happy to invite trancemaster, Adam Ellis! LINEUP:Adam Ellis (UK)Robinson (NO)Freeloop (NO)DJ Sugo (NO) EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/497064165223555Early birds: https://betal.driv.no/salg/2022/trancelantis www.trancelantis.comwww.adamellis.comwww.driv.no

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